Military Insurance Corporation: Top 2 in digital experience, affirming the right direction in technology investment


Military Insurance Corporation (MIC) was honored and awarded "Top 2 Non-life Insurance Companies with The Highest Customer Satisfaction in Terms of Digital Experience" and "The Non-life Insurance Company with Typical Innovative Products and Services."

The International Data Group (IDG), in collaboration with the Vietnam Association of Securities Business and the Vietnam Digital Communications Association, held a conference on October 7 titled "Digital Transformation of The Financial and Banking Industry, Moving Towards Providing A Variety of Digital Products and Services." The evaluation board has announced the results of the survey program on the level of user satisfaction, product experience and insurance services.

The award seeks to recognize securities firms and insurance service providers in Vietnam that have made significant progress in the digital transformation process, allowing them to offer innovative financial products and services while achieving high efficiency in three aspects, namely improving management efficiency, improving the quality of products and services and enhancing the customer experience.

MIC was excellently honored with 2 awards at the same time, "Top 2 Non-life Insurance Companies with The Highest Customer Satisfaction in Terms of Digital Experience" and "The Non-life Insurance Company with Typical Innovative Products and Services." The Panel of Experts reviewed 14 criteria in particular, including application score, information security score, and innovation score, as well as 11 other criteria related to business size, financial growth indicators, and so on.
In the race for super-fast digital insurance technology, MIC chooses a different direction, always being the pioneer brand in the digital transformation industry. In fact, the Covid pandemic has caused many traditional businesses to struggle in transforming their business models and approaching customers from afar, but MIC has turned the tables.

Since 2019, MIC has applied super-speed insurance policy technology and successfully deployed super-speed electronic certificates. By March of this year, when Decree No. 03/2021/ND-CP and Circular No. 04/2021/TT-BTC on compulsory insurance against civil liability of motor vehicle owners took effect, MIC was completely proactive in technology and provided customers with convenience through the e-Certificate of motorcycle/car insurance.

As a leading insurance company in the industry, MIC understands that today's customers' wishes are inextricably linked to technological ease. Customers of MIC can now obtain their desired insurance certificate in as little as 10-30 seconds.

On the other hand, after owning an insurance product, MIC is always worried about how to best support customers when an unfortunate risk occurs. Because this is a challenge for many businesses because if support is provided, customers will not be satisfied with the delayed claim.

The launch of a limitless experience on the MIC APP is one of the highlights of MIC's technology. Customers will be able to purchase insurance with their smartphones in a very easy and quick manner, regardless of where they are. Through the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and ORC (optical character recognition) technology, the APP will be merged with super-fast claim technology.

Customers previously had to spend a significant amount of time contacting authorities to validate and ensure the scene. At the same time, contact the assessor to finish the procedures for declaring the loss and filing a written claim request. The typical claim process usually takes about 10-15 days to complete. However, with MIC super fast claim technology, the consumer can receive the claim plan within 5 minutes.

Customers can simply phone the hotline at 1900 558891 or go to the MIC APP to report a problem online. All procedures, from snapping photos of the scene to confirming the inspection report, are completed online, which helps customers save time.

Experts consider this to be a smart motor vehicle insurance solution. Hopefully, these technological advancements will help customers save the most time possible while also raising the quality of MIC's customer service to new heights.



Gọi Ngay

Hotline: 1900558891