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MIC has had over 160 diverse products ranging from specific and complex insurance products such as aviation energy insurance, offshore wind power insurance, etc. to extremely close-knit products such as: MIC Care health insurance, MIC Miracle insurance, car insurance, Peace of mind insurance, …

With friendly insurance products, an application model in just 30 seconds and channel linkage, customers can reach MIC anytime, anywhere. To become the leading retail insurance enterprise in Vietnam.

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Military Insurance Corporation (Formerly Military Insurance Joint Stock Company) was established under Decision No. 871/BQP of the Central Military dated February 22, 2007 Commission and License No. 43GP/KDBH dated October 8, 2007 by the Ministry of Finance.

Up to now, MIC is among the top of the trillion companies with a charter capital of VND 1,300 billion and a scale of nearly 2,000 employees. MIC is rated as 2/31 insurance enterprises with a strong network system with 69 member companies, more than 467 sales departments and 4,500 authorized insurance agents nationwide.

In the development strategy 2020 - 2025, MIC constantly strives to achieve the goal of Top 5 in 2020 and Top 3 leading non-life insurance enterprises in Vietnam in 2025.

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Hotline: 1900558891